holy hvítá

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Last night we headed out to some of the bars and danced until morning, I would say dawn but it was sunny the whole time. Rather weird to leave the club at 4 when its daylight out and people are still partying away. Great times my friends. I brought my Quebec City dance moves (à la Marisa) out last night and I’m pretty sure my friends here in the program think I’m nuts, but when you don’t care, you don’t care.

Today we went river rafting on Hvítá! It was my first time rafting and it was fantastic! The scenery was unreal and the water was gorgeous. At one point we all got out of the rafts, climbed up some cliffs and went cliff jumping into the glacier river. Very cold, very worth it. Luckily I have a waterproof camera so I was able to grab a couple of shots today!

Tomorrow is the national day here so it should be a good time! Also, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are in town apparently, maybe I’ll get a babysitting gig?

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