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It was National Day here in Iceland today. We met up at 11 to head down to hear a speech and then grabbed some lunch via the world famous hotdog stand and afterwards we wandered around the market. I decided not to buy anything today. All I really want to get is some Icelandic wool to make myself something, but I may be tempted into buying some other little things here. I wandered around a little bit but headed back to the guesthouse to sleep because I didn’t get much sleep the night before.

Went to dinner with a couple people and then after doing our homework we went out for a little walking adventure were we stumbled upon hipster haven, a very cool backyard alley where a dj was playing, people were hanging out drinking and spray painting. Very hip.

Tomorrow we have two classes of language, a lecture on Icelandic nature, a meeting with the department of education. For dinner we are dividing up and heading to a board members house for dinner, the woman I’m meeting up with is from Akranes so I’m bringing my genealogy book for her to look at and see if she knows my family.

Happy Fathers Day Pabbi!

(Sömuleiðis means also or you too… I just like the ways it sounds)

Ps. Can you tell how tired I am by this post?

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