já ég borða svið

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So last night we ate some pretty weird stuff, when we showed up to the office there were different foods lined up for us to try. Some things weren’t too bad like hangikjöt (smoked lamb meat), chocolates and candies, cheese, drinks and skyr (thick yogourt type stuff). But then there was also harðfiskur  (dried fish) which I did not enjoy at all, very difficult to eat. I tried head cheese, which actually wasn’t bad, would have been much better on a cracker. There was also a sheep head on the table, one of the guys picked it up and started cutting into it so a couple of us tried the tongue. Well… it was kind of like rare steak… but it turns out it was raw… which it wasn’t supposed to be. Don’t think I’ll be eating that again. We finished the night with a taste of hákarl – fermented shark. When I put it in my mouth I went to chew it, but after having tried the tongue and chewing on that I just decided to swallow it like a pill.  YOLO.

Last night I went out to a pub with a couple of people and chatted with some Icelandic boys. They kept speaking in Icelandic and I would guess what they were saying and surprisingly got it right. I don’t really think its a sign of my understanding of Icelandic because I could only really pick out one or two words. It more highlights my ability to understand situations and what might be being said?

Today we had another language class where we had to write a postcard at the end. I think we all realized in that moment that we know nothing at all.

We had a session on Icelandic music with Svavar Knútur who was absolutely fantastic. He told amazing stories, sang  and provided such an amazing experience for all of us.  So incredible. One of the girls on the trip recorded this video …

He also sang us this song that he used to propose to his wife which was super cute.

Oh I also picked up some Icelandic wool yesterday and knitted myself a headband. Planning on picking some more up tomorrow to have with me when I move to the farm. Speaking of which, I am no longer staying with Magnus, now its a new family … who I don’t remember the names… should be a fun adventure!

Anyways I’m heading off for a walk with a couple of the girls. Going to take photos of Sigur Rós’s house because we walk past it every day… the other day I head some pretty beautiful music playing through the windows.

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