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I’m really enjoying country life in the summer. As many of you know I grew up in Prince Edward County, by no means did I grow up on a farm but the summer living in the countryside is something I love and didn’t realize I had been missing. It kind of reminds me of Prince Edward County here but with more hills and beautiful little snowy mountains and less beaches. I think this trip has really made me realize that I’m a small town girl, I feel like its a good fit for me.

Saturday evening after milking the cows Jón Þór came over and asked if I wanted to go for a plane ride which I obviously said yes. We took a ride over to the glaciers and the mountain we had climbed the day before. He flew us between some of the mountain peaks, close to Langjökull and then over the glacier Ok. It was breathtakingly beautiful. During the flight he also let me take control and fly the plane which was a pretty cool feeling (… maybe I need to consider becoming a pilot? 😛 ) We also did a couple of rolls in the plane which was really neat as you could see everything, not to mention it felt really cool! Loved it! I’m so thankful for the experience, it was absolutely magnificent. Unfortunately I don’t have the pictures of this trip on my computer yet as I forgot my memory card and they saved to the internal memory on my camera and I don’t have the cord to take them off.

I spent the morning on Sunday playing with Gummi’s son Aðalsteinn who is about a year and a half and was simply a joy to play with. Some family friends came by in the afternoon and after milking the cows Ólöf took me for a car ride. We went to see the farm one of my great great grandfather’s was born on, where Helgi went to university and then we took a drive beside a lake. It was a great drive for Canada day as the lake reminded me so much of home, there were actually trees! It felt like cottage country in Canada, which I guess makes sense because almost all the homes there were summer homes.

Yesterday was a bit of a lazy day for me. I went to pick up Halldóra’s son Skirnir so that he could ride in the tractor while they moved the barrels of hay up the hill. In the afternoon Halldóra came by with the twins and it was nice to see them doing so well the boy had been fighting a pretty high fever the past two days and it had finally broken. After dinner I skyped with my parents as they finished moving the barrels of hay. I had to reassure my mom that I am in fact coming back to Canada, at least for 1 year. Then who knows.

If you know me well, you know that when I eat cereal I eat it dry. My brother and I have been this way since we were kids, we just don’t like to use milk. Well, since being here at the farm I have been adding a little bit of milk into my cereal each morning and the amount has been increasing each day. This may not sound like the biggest deal but I think its worth noting. I don’t think I’ll keep it up when I get back though, the milk definitely taste different when it comes directly from the cow.

Before I head off I just want to say thank you for reading the blog, in the month of June I had over 1000 views! What in the world! I was not expecting that many people to be reading this! I hope that you are finding my experience interesting and possibly considering a trip to visit Iceland in the future!

Bless bless

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