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Started off Thursday morning with my last day volunteering at the old folks home. They had a special morning as there was a local jazz band playing and boy were they good. I’m glad they were preforming, not only because they were good but also because it meant not having to hold hands while dancing! Haha

After volunteering I made my way to Asta Sol’s office to help out with odd jobs. I put together some shelving boxes from Ikea, washed some stuff for the trip and as well as the windows. Not too difficult of a work day if you ask me.

That evening my cousin Þórir picked me up and we made our way to the Blue Lagoon with his wife Nila and son Lorenz. It was a really nice and relaxing evening. The water was warm and we got a special scrub for our faces in addition to the regular scrub they offer. We had such perfect weather as well – no wind and beautiful summer sunshine! I felt like I could spend a few hours sitting there in the hot water just relaxing everyday but it is definitely a tourist destination. A lot of different languages were being spoken including a lot of English, I heard hardly any Icelandic. After a little while we made our way to Grindavík to have dinner at a the restaurant Nila’s brother is the cook for. I had a wonderful fish soup and afterwards he brought out a chocolate cake dessert and coffee. Now, as my Icelandic family members know/are learning, if I am asked if I want coffee I say no, but if it is put in front of me I will drink it (though I prefer not to). Funny enough, this morning I was thinking how it would be nice to have a cup of coffee. I think being asked everyday, twice a day, for the past three weeks has started to wear me down?! I do quite like the taste but I know myself and I know it is a drink I’ll be unable to stop drinking… that cup tonight sure was good though! … Maybe I should start? No… no. Ekki kaffi.

After dinner we stopped by Nila’s aunts house but I didn’t spend really any time inside as Lorenz wanted to play football (soccer) with me so we made our way outside and worked off all the sugar we had consumed. On the way back to Adda’s house we stopped by Rebekka’s to pick up their daughter Tinna. It was a fun night. Easy going, and relaxing. I’m probably going to be spending a night with them when I come back after the trip which will be fun!

Funny story! Þórir mentioned how he noticed that I say ‘yeah’ a lot… and I mean a lot. Helgi made a comment about this too on Saturday! I had never realized just how much I said it until he mentioned it. After it was brought up (both times) I tried to think of different ways to respond like “uhhuh, ok, exactly” but nothing worked quite as well as ‘yeah’… actually ‘yeah’ just kept being said no matter what. Þórir thinks it might be my Scandinavian side as I guess Swedish people tend to say it a lot? I don’t know if other Canadians do it or if its just me?! Anyways its quite funny and something I can add to my list of things I say too much like ‘eh’. I still think that ‘yeah’ and ‘eh’ work so well and will continue to be staples in my vocabulary no matter what! (at least for a while)

Today all of the Snorri’s head back to Reykjavik as we are meeting to start our ‘tour week’. We received our itinerary last night/tonight and it looks like we are going to be having a lot of fun and seeing a lot of places. We are going to be staying in the following spots (but making stops along the way) Hvolsvöllur (south), Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands), Hofsós (Skagafjörður – North), Dæli – (West Húnavatssýsla – Northwest) and ending at the Blue Lagoon. Should be a fun adventure! I’ll try to keep up the blog but it may have to wait until after!

But now its time to say góða nótt!

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