30 Day Challenge: June

30 day challenge

I was listening to a Q podcast the other day re-airing a wheat-free debate with “Wheat Belly” author Dr. William Davis and University of Alberta professor Timothy Caulfield. You can listen to it here.  They made interesting points about this wheat-free diet but while listening all I could think was “this would be a fun challenge”. I’m not a diet person. I’ve never been on one, I like to eat food too much to really believe in them — but! I do like challenges!

So this got me to thinking. What if I started giving myself 30-day challenges? A friend of mine did this with yoga. She bought a 30 day membership and went around 25 times, she loved it. This idea isn’t anything new, Morgan Spurlock did a TV series around the theme and Matt Cutts did this TED Talk.

So today, being June 1st I am starting my own 30 day challenges. I’ve decided to do 3 challenges this month because two are habit builders that I really want to start and the other is a little bigger challenge.

  1. Floss Every Day

This was one of my new years resolutions. Six months in and I’m not doing that well. I get on these flossing kicks and then forget all about it for a little while. Not this month!

  1. Vitamin Every Day

Another habit I’d like to have stick! I’ve tried before but lack consistency. Not this month!

  1. Going wheat-free

This should make this month a little more “fun.” Already knowing that I’ve set this challenge I’m craving… Wheat is everywhere. Hopefully I’ll get a little more creative and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables a lot more. I was thinking I would allow birthday cake to be my exception, but there is a gluten free bakery in town that I’ve been meaning to try!

I’ll post about my progress halfway through the month. If you have any ideas for future challenges please right them in the comments!

Yikes! Here we go!



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