30 Day Challenge: July

Another month, another 30 day challenge! – Hula hooping! But first, a review of June!

30 day challenge

I started my 30 day challenges last month with

  1. Flossing every day
  1. Taking a vitamin every day
  1. Going wheat-free

I’ve got to say it wasn’t that much of a challenge. Every night before I went to bed I flossed and took a vitamin like clockwork. So I’m pretty sure I’ve built those habits now. You only floss the teeth you want to keep right?

Going wheat-free was a bit more of a challenge but not really. I was hungry during the first couple days but cured that by turning into a squirrel and snacking on nuts and seeds. Avocado and tuna became my go to meal for work lunches. It’s filling, easy and yummy. I found that I ate a lot cleaner and fresher. The month went by smoothly and I slept well and didn’t feel hungry throughout the days.

I was very strict with my food but cheated 5 or 6 times. Once with a birthday drink from Starbucks which had cookie crumble on top.


The other times was with beer. Almost all of which were free so I gave myself leeway there. I didn’t really crave anything, but luckily I wasn’t tempted with too much at work or home. I did find that it can be quite a challenge to go out to eat. Sure you can find something wheat free, but if you don’t feel like salad or salmon it can be a little tricky.

After a month I think that I will try to keep wheat to a minimum in my life. I didn’t really find myself craving wheat to be honest and I lost 5 pounds. Though I may have gained that back on July 1st when I treated myself to some wheat… in the form of a funnel cake! Happy Canada Day, Eh!

funnel cake

July’s challenge is Hula Hooping!30 day challenge

I bought a weighted hula hoop and have the goal of 30 minutes of hooping every day. If I can’t find 30 minutes then I’ll try for 10 minutes. At least something!

I gave it a try last week and it attacked my hip. Check out this bruise!


Other than that it should be a fun little challenge and great for helping strengthen my back! I’m a little behind already as my family was visiting and my energy was tapped out, but I only missed three days. I’ll just tack on extra time to make up for it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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