Playback: July

July! What a month!

It started out really well with a visit from my family. My aunt Debbie, uncle Rob and cousins Lauren and Lindsey came out from Calgary for a visit at the end of June/beginning of July. It was great to have some silly times with the girls, road tripping to Niagara Falls, celebrating Canada Day, and taking in a Jays game.


– – – – –

I got together with some wonderful Humber PR friends for a fun in the sun Jays game in the middle of the heat wave.


– – – – –

Successfully made it home from the Toronto flood after adventurous times on the GO Train. Luckily my train wasn’t submerged, only the tunnel to get off the platform safely was. I relied on the kindness of strangers lending me their cellphones when my phone died. My dad once again won the best dad award driving me to pick me up from Longbranch, trekking through the waters to rescue me and get me home safely.

iphone 008

– – – – –

Took a trip to Ottawa to reconnect with some of my favourite people.


– – – – –

Spent a weekend in little Slovenia with a great group of girls where we ate and ate and ate.


– – – – –

I explored Burlington and got to know Toronto a little better, meeting up with friends old and new.


– – – – –

It was a great month. Excited for an adventurous August!

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