Iceland Round Two

Surprise! I didn’t really tell many people about this but I’m heading to Iceland… right now.

I’m currently waiting at the Toronto airport for my flight to board. When I was hired on with Merkato I asked for three weeks of unpaid leave so that I could travel a little. Originally the plan was to travel to Slovenia and an undetermined European country with a friend but the plans fell apart. I was sitting there with three weeks of time and an urge to stamp my passport. So, about a month ago I decided to book myself a flight to Iceland. When I was there last summer I knew that I’d be back soon but I didn’t think it’d be this soon to be honest.

Right now I’m feeling a proper amount of nerves, anxiety and excitement. I can’t exactly explain my emotions. I’m nervous because I’m not sure if my memory of the relationships I formed match reality. Anxious to find out if they do and excited to see everyone. So screw being nervous! Woo!

I decided to treat myself this time and am currently waiting in the KLM Crown Lounge, sipping on a beer and waiting to head to my gate to board. If all goes according to plan I’ll be meeting Jón Þór at the airport tomorrow morning and driving out to Brekkukot for a party.

That’s really all I have planned as of right now. I know that I won’t be homeless but I haven’t set any plans in motion. 1 – I’m feeling lazy. 2. – Being spontaneous is great! Woo! Let the spontaneous adventure begin!

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