30 Day Challenge: October

30 day challenge

My challenge for September was to walk 10,000 steps everyday.

I’ve got to say it went pretty well. I didn’t meet my goal during the first week but I blame that on being exhausted from travelling and a little sick too. I did pretty well the rest of the month and now that it’s already a week into October I can say that I’m doing pretty well this month too, though not hitting 10,000 every day.

If you are looking to keep track of your steps I encourage you to check out the Fitbit pedometer. It’s a great help for keeping track throughout the day and the Fitbit app is super easy to use.

This month’s challenge?

30 day challenge

Knit everyday! October means fall… though the weather has been a lot warmer than I think it should be. I have a few projects that I want to accomplish this fall so I figured why not set this challenge for myself. My commute into the city weekdays for work is the perfect time for knitting. I spend two hours on the train 5 days a week – so, why the heck not?

I suppose I’ll do a recap of my knitting projects once the month ends!


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