30 Day Challenge: April

30 Day Challenge

Well, it took a while to get to this post. I’ve moved to the city and have been trying to get myself organized. Finally internet!

Last month’s challenge was lunges. All the lunges. The challenge came from 30 Day Fitness Challenges and I did a pretty good job keeping up. I did decide to make two notable adjustments to their diagram.

30 Day Challenge Lunges

  1. I decided the number of lunges was for one leg, so when it reads 20, that meant 20 right, 20 left.
  2. 3 rest days? Nope, I took a few more rest days. If I took a rest day on day 18, I started up again with day 19.

The challenge was going really well until the last week when I missed four days in a row. Ah, I got caught up in moving and life in general. Boo! But, I will say that I felt a lot stronger by the end of the month. On the 31st did 300 lunges in total. I would not have been able to have done that at the start.

I found myself doing the lunges while watching TV before bed which was good timing. If you’re thinking about taking on this challenge, make sure you give yourself enough time. Sure, you could probably power through them, but you want to make sure you have time to hold form and potentially take a rest. My need for rests changed throughout the month. At the beginning it was after 20, then 50, then 100. Just keep going!
This month’s challenge?

30 Day Challenge April

Get planning, get organized! This is what I need right now! I’ve moved into my apartment and given up my commute meaning I’ve got more time on my hands and lots of organizing to do. This organizing isn’t necessarily to do with ‘stuff’ but more so life. I want to make plans and see them become reality so this month is a time for reflection, planning and organizing.

What do I want to see come out of this month?

  1. General organization for life in the city – you know, the regular just moved, need to get things set up
  2. A plan for this blog and my online presence
  3. A weekly plan for life in general (physical activity, laundry, cooking)
  4. A solid financial plan

Woo! Let’s go structure!!



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