Inspired in the kitchen

The past couple weeks I’ve been surrounded by food. I’m inspired. I can’t stop taking about it, tweeting about it, and I certainly can’t stop eating! It’s surrounding me and it’s just so tasty!

Go Gourmet

Go Gourmet
Delicious dishes from Go Gourmet

The month started out with a work evening at Go Gourmet, a fundraiser for the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research. Pay Chen who currently hosts The Pay Chen Show on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto acted as the MC for the evening. Celebrity chefs, Anna Olson, Michael Olson, Jo Lusted, Stefano Faita and Christine Tizzard  made our delicious dishes. They were all incredibly delicious! Lucky for us, we got the recipes for everything made that evening. I’m going to have to try and make Christine Tizzards pork medallions because they were top notch.


Cooking School
My cooking textbook

I’ve been really wanting to work on my cooking skills, so why not buy some cookbooks?! I’m going to pretend I’m back in school and this America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook is my textbook.

I also recently picked up the Oh She Glows cookbook and have been trying out some recipes slowly but surely.

Oh She Glows and Go Barley Cookbooks
Oh She Glows and Go Barley Cookbooks

I spent a couple days on the road with the Go Barley cookbook media tour. Can I just say, barley is delicious! So yummy! I was able to try a couple different recipes on set and now I’ve got a couple salads and desserts on my to make list! Thanks to Linda and Pat for a signed copy of the book!


Go Barley Media Tour
Shot from the Go Barley Media Tour

Spiralizer – the Spirooli

Ummm. I can’t stop talking about this. I love it! The Huffington Post posted this little diddy “How Zoodles and Spirals will change the way you eat veggies” and I got hooked! I decided to make the purchase!

My love, my spirooli
My love, my spirooli

Love making noodles out of veggies. Can’t stop, won’t stop. So good! If you’re thinking about getting one, do it! Also, check out the blog Inspiralized. So many different recipes to try that use a spiralizer/spirooli!

Spiralized Zucchini
Tasty, healthy and easy spiralized zucchini


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