30 Day Challenge June ’14

30 day challenge May


So last month I decided to challenge myself by getting my butt out of bed. A 6:15am wake up call during the week and 8:00am wake up call on weekends ended up happening almost every day. I might have slept past that maybe… 5 mornings? Pretty good I’d say.

Truth be told, I have been being a bit of a suck since June hit. I had a bit of a busy month which you can read about here. I needed to catch up on my sleep, in fact, I plan to be catching up on sleep this weekend. But! After this weekend I’ll be setting that alarm again… maybe not for 6:15, maybe something like 7:00. That’s manageable.


30 Day Challenge June


This month is all about being grateful. While I consider myself a pretty positive person, I think we can all work on being a little more grateful for what we have and what we are. This month I’m keeping a gratitude journal. I’ll be picking up the pen and writing about something that I’m grateful for that day for example, the fact that I have parents that I can call to talk about anything, everything and nothing all at the same time… or something like… my bed.

This is supposed to be a good exercise and habit to get into. I’m interested to see how my outlook changes, or if it does.

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