30 Day Challenge July ’14

I’ve been doing these 30 day challenges for over a year now which is crazy to think about! Some have been more successful than others – the winter months were a bit of a challenge – but I like doing them. It’s fun to think up something new to try even if only for 30 days.

30 Day Challenge June
For June I decided to make the month all about gratitude. Every night I would write down something that I was grateful for either from that day or in life in general. If you haven’t tried doing this before, you really should. It’s human nature to focus on the negative, isn’t it? So when you force yourself to not only see, but write about all the amazing things happening in the world around you, you really realize how much you have going for you.

Now, I did find myself overwhelmed with emotion this month – (read crying). For example, one time was due to the amazing people who made my birthday special. Another time, I was walking to work and had to fight back tears as I thought about what I had written the night before. But I’ve also caught myself tearing up at TV commercials… so… that’s a thing that’s happening. I reckon if I went to the movies with my university housemates I’d be crying along with them now instead of chuckling to myself. This having feelings things is odd.

What this month showed me is that I’m a pretty lucky girl.

Anyways! It was a good challenge! You should try it, even if only for a week.
30 Day Challenge July

This month’s challenge is yoga! I’ve never tried yoga but have been wanting to give it a go for some time now. I think the meditation and core strengthening would do me some good. I’m trying out a 30 days for 30 dollars program with The Yoga Sanctuary. The aim is for 5 days a week, if not more! Woo! Go yoga!

How do you verb yoga? Do you ‘do’ yoga? or ‘practice’ yoga? Or something else?  So much to learn!

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