30 Day Challenge August ’14

30 Day Challenge July

July was a month of yoga and I loved it! I had never tried it before and had an urge to check it out. After talking with some people and checking out what was close by I decided to try The Yoga Sanctuary’s 30 days for 30 dollars program and I’m planning on keeping it up and getting a proper membership. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was looking for in a studio but the Yoga Sanctuary is everything I need. It’s close to my apartment and offers a variety of classes at different levels and times that work for me. I love the morning class! It gets me out of bed and I start the day off right. A bonus is that I can get home, shower, eat, get ready and head in to work, no problemo! Just perfection. Of the 30 days I was able to make it to 19 classes. Pretty good I think! I’m happy with it!

A bonus is I can feel myself getting stronger. I used to be quite active but when my back started acting up I slowly stepped away from different sports. I was afraid of what might happen and the pain it might put me in. Walking has been my go to source of exercise and I’ve been using a fit bit for a year now to keep track of my steps. Since I’ve been in the city I’ve been consistent with getting at least 10,000 steps a day. With my back problems I never knew what I’d be able to, or if I’d be able to do much more than walking. I can’t believe this, but I can now touch my toes! I thought I would never be able to do that! I’m feeling so good and so glad that I’ve found yoga! Woo!

30 Day Challenge August

August’s challenge is going to be a challenge. I’m going vegan. A little cliche isn’t it? Yoga one month, vegan the next? Well, I’m doing it. My dad went vegan about 5 months ago and can’t stop talking about it… so maybe this is a little bit of inception… except not inception… annoyance with a hint of intrigue?

I don’t often cook with meat anyways so I suspect cutting out meat won’t be too hard. Dairy might be a little bit more of a challenge as I do like cheese, ice cream and yogurt. But… I probably shouldn’t be eating dairy as my throat tends to close up ever so slightly. Ah, fun times!

While I’ll be picky with my own cooking, if I’m at a restaurant or someone else is cooking for me I’m ok with breaking the rules a little bit. I suspect eating at restaurants will tricky but I’ll do my best.

Yay a new challenge!


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