2014 Rewind

Err… so…  that whole resolution about blogging in a more timely manner… kinda dropped the ball on that one, eh? Well… a new month means a new beginning and seeing as this post is written I might as well put it out there!

Last year was full of lessons. A lot of ups and a couple downs… but mostly up, up and away! So, like last year, why not highlight some ups?

Accomplishments big & small 

The Big Move

My view of the city
My view of the city

In 2013 I wrapped up the year proclaiming my debt free status. With that, I continued to live with my parents for a couple months as I looked for an apartment in the city. What was I looking for?

  • Something in my price range
  • Walking distance to work
  • Not a basement
  • Not on a ground floor

Easy enough right? Well, I found what I was looking for, my nice, cozy studio apartment in the heart of the city. Being downtown wasn’t necessarily what I was looking for but alas, the stars aligned and this place became mine. I love it and I love what I’ve done with it. I moved in in April and haven’t missed my GO Train commute since! Woo!

A new gig

New views
New work views

In 2013 I landed my first PR job with the team at Merkato Communications and after a year and a half working there, I became a TELUS team member. I’m now working as part of the proactive, social and media relations team and there’s so much to learn! Everyone I work with has been so helpful and supportive. #teamawesome #lovingit

Adventure time!

Here, there, everywhere
Here, there, everywhere

Travel this year was a lot more central than it’s been in the past. I started the year off in Ottawa, a trip to Winnipeg, a weekend in Kingston, back to Ottawa, road trip to Ithaca, explored my new city and weekend getaway to Mont Tremblant. And of course another fantastic weekend spent in “Little Slovenia.”

Lifestyle Change

Veganism, a whole new world.
Veganism: a whole new world.

In August I stopped eating meat and animal by-products and started eating a vegan diet or plant-based diet. However you want to describe it. The change has been amazing. I feel great (minus a case of low iron this past month) and my body feels happier with me. I mean, sure I used to love eating cheese, sour cream, yogurt and ice cream… but whenever I would, I would start coughing and then breathing wasn’t the easiest thing for me… so… I probably should have stopped eating dairy a long time ago. Anyways, now I don’t have that problem anymore! Yay! My digestion has also greatly improved! Woo! Added bonus was some unexpected weight loss.  Good times my friends, good times.

Giving Back

Give it away
Give it away

I made some donations in the form of hair and blood. That sounds weird… but it happened. Anyways, I donated 13” of hair and with the help of my wonderful family and friends, donated $750 to the Canadian Cancer Society through the Fearless Challenge campaign. I also made my first blood donation which was so super-duper easy! While we’re on the topic – click here to sign up for your next blood donation! I’ll be making another trip back but I have to get my iron levels back in fighting form. (I would say #VeganProblems, but really it’s more like #VeganWhoDoesntEatLikeSheShouldProblems)


Crafty things
Crafty things

2014 saw a lot of hobbies in the form of crafty things. Idle hands are the devils playground… or something like that. 😛 What did I get into? Metal and glass work with nanopod studio, pottery at Clay Design, a weekend weaving and the start of a little knitting club with friends. (I need to post more about these things!) Love it! Could 2015 be the year of my first etsy shop? Time will tell.


I'm a fan.
I’m a fan.

Guess what, I have feelings! Ew gross. Anyways! The year saw the end of one relationship and the unexpected start of another. That’s how it happens isn’t it? When you least expect it? Before Matthew and I went on our first date I had talked about how October was going to be all about going on dates and meeting new people. I had jokingly dubbed it “hunting season” – funny right? My intentions were closer to fishing a la catch and release. What I mean is, I wanted to go out on one date, have a night of conversation good or bad and then be done, move on. Talking to strangers is so fun!  Well, that all got thrown out the window after a fantastic first date with Matthew. I’m pretty dang happy he derailed that silly whole catch and release plan before it even had a chance.

Now, I’m not much of a sap… well maybe I am, but I’m not good at expressing myself, Matthew can attest to that, but holy moly it’s been a lovely couple of months with him.

Anywho… moving on! 🙂

5 goals for 2015

  1. Balance. How do I want to invest my time? What do I value? I suspect this will have some growing pains.
  2. Blogging. Timeliness hasn’t been my forte of late and I have too many posts in draft. Time to change that.
  3. Understand finances better. This is a repeat from last year, so much to learn! If you have any tips, links, blogs to follow for money smarts, send them my way!
  4. Focus on health and wellness. Cooking at home, practising yoga, being generally healthy and paying attention to my body. Health problems suck #amirite
  5. Limit binge watching and channel creativity instead. Sometimes creativity can feel like a chore, but creative ruts are worse and binge watching is never as fulfilling as completing a project.


  1. February 5, 2015 / 11:52 am

    Great blog post ! You had my attention from beginning to end and I feel so caught up with whats going on in your life in minutes!! You my dear are an amazing blogger!! Kep on keeping on!! Hugs!!:)

  2. Louis
    February 8, 2015 / 8:59 am

    Great year, great post! I like the Etsy shop idea!!!

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