Struggles and Strife: Glasses shopping edition

I used to be a fan of shopping. Back in high school I loved going to the mall and looking for bargains. Now, I just don’t dig it as much. (shopping that is, I still love bargains). I think a large part of it has to do with me not wanting to spend money and not wanting more junk. Sure, sometimes I get the urge to walk around and check stuff out which is ok, but when you have to find something – ugh. And ‘ugh’ was exactly how I was feeling when I had to shop for new glasses.

During our trip to Montreal I broke my sight-givers which I had been rocking for 2 years. So frustrating! I’ve been wearing glasses for a good 17 years, and had only ever broken one pair before… my first pair I believe. I was at a soccer competition and someone kicked a ball. *Boom* it hit me smack in the face and broke my glasses in two. #theworst. This time fell asleep and rolled over on them, luckily I didn’t break them in two but I did some significant damage.

Dear future Sacha, please remember that night stands are there for a reason.

Ugh shopping for glasses
Ugh shopping for glasses

As a girl who wears specs everyday, shopping for them is a process.  Sometimes a very frustrating process. I ended up checking out 7 different stores and I was just about to give up for another day.

Not into it
Not into it

I was frustrated, annoyed and hangry. I stopped, grabbed a burrito and made my way to one more store, Clearly Contacts. I never thought I’d be able to buy a pair of glasses with Clearly Contacts because it’s a web-based retailer and I have a hard time imagining picking out frames without seeing them on my face. But! I live in Toronto now which has it’s perks, including a small retail location on Queen West.

I walked in and right away knew that I was going to find something. The frames were speaking to me. “Pick me! Pick me!” they said in a high pitch Disney-esque voice. I found a pair that I knew were right for me and asked a sales associate to answer my dreaded question… How much were these bad boys going to cost. Generally I’m looking at $500 min in order to see clearly. I honestly didn’t believe it when she told me the total was $180! What?! Frames, coatings and thinner lenses (my eyes are a -5 & -4.5) I had to ask her if she got everything right. Ummm… yes please! I made the purchase and they showed up 4 days later.

Easy peasy!
Easy peasy! Def, the better way to buy eyewear!

Such a great experience, I felt like I should write about it. If you’re looking for a new pair of specs or shades, be sure to check out Clearly Contacts either online or in store. So easy and so friendly! I’m a happy camper!

Me & my new specs!
Me & my new specs!

Do you have any tricks for keeping frustration at bay when shopping for glasses? Where do you buy from? Please let me know so Future Sacha can learn from your experiences.


— sach


  1. Gamli
    March 7, 2015 / 9:18 pm

    Good looking, ever have contacts?

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