Bumping into the #SuicideSquad (psst… movie sets are exciting)

Movie sets are cool. I’m not going to try and pretend they aren’t. Walking through a set last year in the Distillery District with my friend Patrick, I tried to play it cool and keep the conversation going. As soon as we walked past everything I turned to Patrick and said “Can you tell I’m freaking out? Because I’m freaking out! That’s so exciting!! What do you think is happening!” Or at least something along those lines.

I love seeing different shows and movies being filmed across the city. It’s awesome. Usually, the crews try to keep it subtle or at least work on side roads but this summer Suicide Squad is taking over downtown Toronto.

On Monday night I walked home from dinner with Matthew, making my way home, walking up Yonge Street… I got distracted along the way. I ended up chatting with one of the Assistant Directors about the filming, his career and some of the other projects he works on. What an interesting world to be a part of!

Anyways, I snapped some picks and a quick video of the Joker’s colourful car* cruising up the street.

* Turns out it’s not a Lamborghini, it’s an Infiniti G35 Coupe with the Vaydor G35 bodykit… so essentially a sedan playing dress-up. Love the colour!


Have you seen any filming in your neck of the woods? Gone stargazing?

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