Singing away with Choir! Choir! Choir! 

Lara was in town (yay!) and we went on a singing adventure with Choir! Choir! Choir! a no-commitment choir that meets twice weekly to sing in bars. Our song for the night was Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees and while I was familiar with the song, I certainly didn’t know it by heart.

We showed up, paid our $5 and grabbed our lyric sheets. There were three singing options: high, middle and low. We decided the high notes were probably our best fit and got into our section. After that it was an evening of singing!

The choir leaders, Daveed and Nobu are an entertaining duo and made everyone feel welcome. It’s clear to see how passionate they are about it.

Besties! Always an adventure
The Crowd
The crowd signing away

The night was mega fun! We practiced the different sections and ran through the song a few times before they filmed the final takes. You can check out the end result below. Lara can be spotted a few times and our friend Malini gets a nice close up! I’m a little tricky to find…

Let’s play a game! How many hipster-ish looking red heads, wearing glasses and a their hair in a bun on top of their head you can find! Turns out C!C!C! is our not so secret meeting place 🙂

So fun! Looking forward to the next time! Who’s joining me?

Choir! Who wants to go with me next time?!


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