30 Day Challenge March

Last month was a good month. I focused on slowing things down. Taking on one task at a time, which of course was easier said than done at certain times but it’s a learning process. I started the month with a fair amount of pain and in a search for some type of help, I booked an acupuncture appointment which proved helpful in centering my thoughts and changing my outlook. I ended up having four appointments and the pain slowly faded into the background. In addition to slowing things down, these sessions helped open my understanding to how my body and mind have to peacefully co-exist and how mindfulness plays such an important role in understanding and experiencing pain.

A few years ago my parents took a mindfulness course and I’m thinking that it might be something worth looking into for us to do. I’ve started googling and found a workshop at Leslieville Yoga and Yoga Sanctuary that I’m going to look into a bit more. If you know of any others or any online resources regarding meditation/mindfulness please let me know!

This month I’m focused on consistently stretching and doing my core exercises. With how my back has been over the past year I know that this is something that should just be engrained already, however when I start to feel better/stronger I also start to forget the pain and then forget to do my routine and as the pattern goes, I hurt myself and end up back at the start again.

Consistency is key, in fact, The Globe and Mail shared this article yesterday – Planking each day keeps the spine doctor away I’ll need to keep in mind my learnings from last month as I tend to overdo things – I push myself too hard or ignore my pain and try to power through. I feel like I’m well equipped now having had Matthew’s friend Dan walk me through my routine and correct my technique. Now the focus is on taking my time and not rushing through the exercises.

Wish me luck!

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