That time we got engaged in India…

“Baby step engaged” in India

We’re 100 days out from our wedding… remember that time we got engaged in India? Well… you’re right, we didn’t. We actually got engaged in Iceland but India was kind of our baby-step towards engagement. So, kind of like engagement part 1.

At some point before our trip, maybe it was when we were at the airport waiting to board our first flight, we discussed getting an engagement ring in India. Matthew and I had had plenty of conversations around marriage since our tinder swept romance began. I for one had never was never a huge “I need to get married” person. Nothing against marriage really, my aversion came down to the fact that I didn’t have any dreams of having a wedding. Marriage itself, sure why not? but weddings? No thank you, sir. Sign some papers, grab a pizza, celebrate and spend your life together or just spend your life together, right? Well, Matthew didn’t/doesn’t quite see it that way, and as such, we had plenty of conversations to get us to the spot we’re in now – 100 days out from our wedding.

One such conversation happened at a Christmas party we hosted at chez us. One of Matthews friends asked a question about how much people are supposed to spend on engagement rings to which Matthew responded with “5-10?” to which I rebutted with “you better mean dollars!”

Likely due to my wedding aversion and the fact that my parents never wore their rings… scratch that, my mom would wear her rings while travelling or for special occasions, I never wanted a ring. But as our relationship progressed and we discussed our future together, I warmed up to the importance that Matthew placed on an engagement ring. Relationships are all about compromise and while Matthew would have loved to shell out an arm and a leg for a beast of a diamond ring, that just isn’t me.

We came up with the idea of trying to find a ring while on our first big trip together. Something unique, something picked up off the beaten path, something with a story that we could share together.

Can’t just take a simple ring photo

I love my ring. I love that we found it together. I love that we fell for a bit of a tourist scam on the way. I love the tuk-tuk ride we took. I love that the store was down an alleyway and that we had no idea where we were going. I love that Matthew took charge and haggled. I love that every time I look at it I remember that experience we had. I love that I would sneak looks at it when working from home but would never put it on because that’s bad luck. I love that I was surprised by having it placed on my finger in Iceland. I love that it not only has a story but has our story.

Tuk-tuk adventures

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