That time we got married!

I’ve been a married lady for just over three months and I still find it weird to call Matthew my husband. Whenever I say the h-word, my voice does this weird thing like I’m thrown into one of the first sound movies and I speak so strange. I just can’t speak like a normal human. If I am able to say it with a regular human voice then it’s more or less immediately followed by a cheesy joke, or play it up by flipping my hair back followed by “because I can say that now”. Maybe it was cute-ish during month one or two, but come on Sacha, get it together! How strange it is for a simple word to be so foreign and catch you off-guard when you go to say it. It’s quite similar to how I felt when I called Matthew my fiance at the beginning. How’s that for a little tangent?

The wedding was amazing. I’m not sure to what extent I let it be known on this little blog of mine, but I was not super into the whole wedding shindig leading up to it. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but as the day got closer and closer, I started to feel more excited. In addition to not being a real ‘wedding’ kinda gal, I also had a few rather difficult months leading up to the wedding that didn’t make things easy but I’ll speak to all that at another time.

The wedding weekend was beautiful. We had booked Beamer Falls Manor for our wedding, a bed and breakfast wedding venue in Grimsby Ontario run by a lovely couple, Nancy and Brian. We made our way to my parents on the Thursday evening with Caprice in tow as they acted as cat-grandparents while we were off on our honeymoon following the wedding. The Friday was spent with our immediate family at the venue, somewhat getting things ready and somewhat just relaxing. That evening, Matthew pulled together quite a spread for a BBQ dinner for everyone under the string lights in the backyard and a campfire to round things out.

Saturday morning was a great start. Matthew made his way out golfing with his brother and my best man of sorts, Andrew, and I made my way in for a relaxation session with Nancy. The day flew by from there on. The family pitched in getting things organized and ready while Hayley and I got the girls ready and then quickly did our own hair and makeup. Before I knew it I was signing the papers and we were all heading down the aisle.

The day was so special; a blur of amazing moments. I’m so happy that we grabbed a notebook for our trip and jotted down all of our wedding highlights from watching tears stream down Matthew’s face while I walked down the aisle to laughing our butts off during all the speeches to dancing up a storm and smiling so much throughout the entire night. Actually… I wrote down all my highlights first and when Matthew read through it he said “I thought you were just writing the highlights? This is a minute by minute play by play.” I really didn’t want to forget anything and writing helps with to remember. I’m going to keep those memories and stories personal (at least for now) but we have pictures to share! Thank goodness we hired our photographer, Boeun, to capture the day for us!

A very big thank you to everyone who joined us on our special day, everyone who played a special role and everyone who shared congratulations with us. We felt and still feel so very very loved.

Dress: Brides Project Toronto
Flowers: Costco
Cakes & Desserts: Kelly’s Bake Shoppe
DJ: Hollywood DJ Service
Catering: At The Table
Venue: Beamer Falls Manor
Suit: Harry Rosen Inc
Officiant: Rev. Bethany Beatty-Chire
Photographer: Boeun Kim Photography
Venue: Beamer Falls Manor

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  1. Dan Gudmundsson
    December 6, 2017 / 4:07 pm

    Beautiful pictures Sacha..

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